A.B.C. Advertising Inc. was started in 1987, by Scott B. Wilson. As a child, it was a dream of mine to have my very own company. Having been born at a very early age, I started out small. When I was very young, I first started selling cookies for the Scouts, then it was Christmas cards, then it was craft items that I made, that I thought everyone had to own. In 1987 I started putting together Items for other companies to use to help promote themselves.

We are now specialists in outdoor advertising. Our main goal is to provide to you the most colorful and eye catching advertising available at the most affordable price possible. We offer "Hollywood " style searchlights, the unit has 4 heads with 1.6 billion candle power to "light up" your occasion. The heads rotate and can be seen for miles.

We have a huge selection of "cloudbusters", many colors to choose from. Choose form a 4 foot or 5.5 foot size. Filled with helium they fly high in the air by a 50 foot pennant line with flags.

Maybe you need something more permanent, we have many sizes of "reusable balls" , put you logo or any custom graphic on it. Use it over and over again. They too are filled with helium and come with a 50 foot tether line.

Cold Air Balloons are also one of our specialties, we have the standard shape and many other shapes. King Kong who's 30 ft tall, a space shuttle and even "Frosty".

A new addition to our family is the "SkyPuppet", they come in many different combinations and colors, they certainly will catch the eye of your potential customers.

If you have a grand opening, a special occasion or any type of promotional need, we are the people you are looking for.